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I LOVE MARIBELLE!!! I LOVE HER. She's one of my fave FE characters of all time.

Sooo here's how I made it!:

Wig: Base milky blonde wig, pulled sides back to give it the look of hers. Styled the bangs (need to be redone after my running to the con LOL). On another wig, I sectioned it, curled it with a curling iron, tied off the sections and removed them from that wig. Then I sewed them into the base wig.
Bows: Stuffed cotton twill. Pin into the wig.
Earrings: Glass pearls found on ebay. They're 12mm.
Shirt: Altered a base shirt after hating the one I made LOL I'll remake it sometime. Made the ruffles from extra fabric from when I adjusted the fit.
Capelet: Made from light pink crepe lined with white satin. Made bias trim from cream twill. Attaches with a hooked clasp.
Necktie: Made from white poly lining. Gathered and has multiple layers to replicate hers. Horsehair hem to hold the shape. Ties around the neck.
Gloves: Made from stretch opera gloves after I ran out of pink crepe oops hahah Pink twill for the wristbands. Made bias from pink crepe to trim her cuffs and make her thumb loop thing.
Corset: Pink crepe self-faced, interfaced twice, lightly boned. Grommets in the back. Pink twill for the stripes. Hearts are made from sculpey and painted with acrylic. Sealed with mod podge. Pink twill for the bottom stripe as well.
Pants: I made these SO POOFY I LOVE IT. Combo of gathered pink crepe and pink twill. Lined with muslin despite that being not fancy enough for Maribelle lololol Invisible zipper on the side.
Side things: Various pleathers with designs topstitched on. Also functions as a pocket. The top is left open and they're tacked to the waistband of the pants.
Boots: Knee high boots with knee guards made from pleather with designs topstitched.
Parasol: Mini parasol altered with wood glue design and plastic gen made by my dad.
I also have a pink locket with Brady's picture inside ahahahaahahhaah, a tome, teacups, party hats, and an engagement ring lolol

Liked to tweak things but Maribelle has a comfy costume and I love cosplaying her!!!


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