Hobby Horse Alice Madness Returns

American McGee's Alice



When I saw that Alice was having a Hobby Horse, I said
The Game developers talk very seriously about the phrase "toys become weapons" and I love lol
Now that we've finished, I think it would be much easier, do it in Photoshop. But I prefer the hard way!
We tried to make the size more similar to that of Alice. We are very pleased with the result. One thing was the Mallet, the jabberwock's eye staff who are small. As the horse's head reaches the waist Alice.
Not lying when I say that my horse weighs about eight or ten kilograms. Was really a challenge to make a weapon so big and heavy.
Is very bright in the photos Because this spray-painted black.
For the next horse We will do less heavy. We have been guided by the few images there at the moment.

More photos in: http://liryovioleta.deviantart.com/


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Series American McGee's Alice
Character Hobby Horse Alice Madness Returns


Kamagi WOW!! Really awesome!! :D I'm planning to make this as well but I'm stuck since I have no idea what to make it out of...:C Can you tell me what you made it out of and how you did it? ^__^; Cus it looks so nice!

Aubrey omg your weapons are amazing!! saw your cheshire cat teapot and white rabbit weapons how on earth do you make them??

Autumn Koneko HOW DID YOU MAKE IT *o*

Roxie~ That is amazing! What did you make the Hobby Horse out of? :o

biohazard lover wow *o* awesome!!!