Black Cat




Construction Details:
Fairly simple costume to make. I used the same body suit pattern that I used for Nia, except I didn't add the hands and feets, also cut the low neckline in it. Metallic spandex was used for the body suit and gloves, which were made separately (and with gussets I might add!) Feather boa was used for the "fur" parts since I couldn't find a long white fur fabric. :/ In the end I really like the looks of the boas more. The boots are gogo boots with the "v" cut in the front and sewn on. Mask was a plastic face mask I got at Joann's, then cut into her design.

Personal Thoughts:
I've been getting back into comic the last two years and I have been wanting to make a costume from them so badly! Wondercon was quickly approaching and didn't have comic book character outfit so I though I would make one. My favorite characters I had already planned for SDCC, plus I didn't have the time/ finds to make them, and I had just finished reading Black Cat's mini series and love her! I swear some of Black Cats bad luck powers were very prominent in the making and wearing this! My original shoes I was going to use for this disappeared and I had to overnight a new pair. Three attempts to cast my mask failed before I made the one I wore. I spilled almost a whole bottle of spirit gum down the front of the costume minutes before I walked out the door to go to the con. In the end though everything worked out and I had blast wearing it! Fun Fact! My silver tag on my collar says "Black Cat" on the front and on the back says "If lost return to: Spiderman". :P


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Character Black Cat


Harls You and your costume look absolutely fantastic! I really like the look of the feather boas, so much bounce and fluff.

Angeal very good work with this costume