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Serial Experiments Lain



Made this from scratch with a cotton knit and sewed single fold bias tape along the edges and used it to make the straps, it was originally around the bottom too, but I didn't like the way it looked so I took it out. The bottom edge is just raw now.

As simple as it looks, this little white dress was a nightmare, my needle broke FOUR times and working with the tension while sewing the binding was miserable, all of the stitching I did, I had to redo at least 3 times, Everything took quite allot longer then I thought it would, and once I had finished I had to spend some time getting out all the broken needle shards in the fabric.

But all that aside im really quite happy with the way it turned out, It looks good even after I had put the fabric through so much, so im really happy with it.
The hair clip is two short white bobby pins :]

On a side note, I know Lain dosn't smile much, but I was so happy at that gathering that I couldn't keep a straight face :O
I will try to add more srs pictures later


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Series Serial Experiments Lain
Character Lain Iwakura


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