Amu Hinamori

Shugo Chara!



SO I bought this pink wig for another outfit and Didn't want to waste the opportunity to get more use out of it XD. it took a long time to pick an easy outfit Amu has so many. of course I had to pick the one with the lace that took me 3 stores to find ._.;

as seen in Ep 34! Shugo Chara Doki!

Look for me Thursday at Otakon 2011! I'll probably have my nose in my DS and look dejected but I don't bite, just shy ._.;;


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Series Shugo Chara!
Character Amu Hinamori
Variant Casual


LinkPwnsGanon Amu-Chi!!!!

KnightJeran I love this outfit! You are a great Amu!