Mikasa Ackerman / Christa Renz

Attack on Titan



I came across this adorable design on tumblr and I've been given permission to make this by the lovely artist! This is her tumblr: http://estellecampanella.tumblr.com/ I'm gonna switch it up a bit so then I can use it for Mikasa and maybe even Levi xD


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Created 5 years ago
Series Attack on Titan
Character Mikasa Ackerman / Christa Renz


AkiJudaichan I love your take on Mikasa. I can't wait to see it. :)

Kid-Krazi This design is super cute c: Excited to see this!

Ion I hope you get a chance to update and finish this one. Very cute design. I think a number of us would be interested to see how it turns out :)

el3phantbird this is such an adorable design, and so creative to cosplay it. can't wait to see it. good luck!

Kavi-sama Aw, the costume is adorable, i can´t wait to see it done! You can do it!! :)

momoiru1994 can't wait!!! u will look beautifull with this <33

Maurishio-kun What a cute design you chose to cosplay :D can't wait to see it done ^^

Shana05 I saw this on Tumblr as well. It will be awesome to see it come to life.

FieryFari How CUUUUTE! Can't wait to see!

Thowra Great Design, Can't wait to see

Randommerade This design is great!! I can't wait to see you bring it to life! ^.^

~H~ Fun! I bet the artist was very flattered to be asked ^_^.