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Red-Eyed XaXa / Shinkawa Shoichi appears in the original Sword Art Online light novels. He also appears in the episode of Season 1 of the anime featuring the Laughing Coffin Gang.

However, after scouring the web I found that hardly anyone had cosplayed Red-Eyed XaXa, and the extreme few who had did the Season 1 anime appearance.

As far as I know, I am the first to ever cosplay his Gun Gale Online appearance. The design is based completely upon the Light Novel illustrations. There is some slight variation between the illustrations so I had to pick one design and try to stick to it.

The helmet is made from EVA Foam using a Dr, Doom pepakura file that is widely available. I made major modifications to the eyes and mouth. The teeth are all free handed. The mask was sealed with glue/water combo and then spray painted silver. I am aware that some of the gaps are not perfectly sealed, but there are certainly layers/gaps in the original design, and this was also my first foray into EVA Foam helmets (my two past experiences with EVA were building Butcher's meat cleaver and helmet and the wheels to a TRON Lightcycle which is ongoing).

The gas-mask respirators are the plastic tops from two jars that were originally orange and silver. I taped off the silver parts and spray painted the orange parts silver before gluing onto the mask with glue gun.

The eyes are composed of the following: circles of EVA foam with LEDs glue gunned down (which run to a AA battery pack case that rests in the inner back of the helmet/mask). The outside portion of the eyes (what's visible) are two jar lids with silver rims, I lined the inside of the plastic windows with ordinary parchment paper to diffuse the glow from the LEDs. The eyes just get glue gunned in.

The mask does not have the greatest visibility because the eyes are backed with foam. The visibility is through tiny holes between the inner eye, above the nose. In the future i am going to work on other outfits with glowing eyes that have better visibility.

The cloak is machine sewn from black fabric using anneorshine's youtube tutorial:

I am working on the L115A3 Silent Assassin gun out of PVC pipe and possibly a Type 54 "Black Star" pistol for the future, but because I didn't have either of these ready in time for the debut of this cosplay (due to making two other cosplays at the same time), I had to settle for another gun I had on hand to complete the look. Apologies for this inaccuracy.

Current condition of this cosplay is that the helmet needs some repairs, the gun is in progress, and I need to get bandages for the hands.

I have had a few people (true fans) at conventions recognize my character, including other SAO cosplayers (though many fans seem to have only watched the anime). But the standard assumption by the general public is that I am Darth Vader, or by gamers that I am from Kill Zone.

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