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ok...i did not realize it at the time how much of a milestone this costume is to me XD let me start off by saying that Li is one of my favourite characters from way back when and to make this costume period is a dream cosplay for me. so this was debuted for Athon 20 (another milestone in itself), it is double year of the snake for me (i'll let you guess that one), this is my fifth year cosplaying, and this is my 20th cosplay o.o i did not know until i started typing up the description XD with that said i will head into the construction details

ok based the costume off of the mix of the anime and manga colours/ designs....since the variation is quite subtle.

starting with the head: the hat is was one of the first things i completed for this costume as i knew it would be one of the hardest parts to do. i had to redo the green part of the hat since i was unhappy with the shape/curve the first go around. used a double layer of stiff interfacing for the yellow and green part to make it nice and sturdy. the orange trim is based on the outline method (not bias tape) which was sewed then heat n' bonded on. the side crystals are resin with a mix of all the colours to get that darker green colour. it took me two attempts as well to get the colour and size right as i was working with one mold for making those crystals. the wig i styled to have poofier bangs.

white undershirt and pants are made of a thin white sateen. the shirt is a Chinese style shirt with semi-poofy sleeves. frogs are hand made (which was simple to make) using a Chinese button knot and a pineapple knot. made the pants extra poofy since that was the only way to go lol.. based off of a simplicity costume pattern for arabian night pants.

main part: all the yellow and green fabric is what i call my table cloth material (ie 100% polyester yeah! ~please note the sarcasm). it frayed too easily and was very hot to wear since it did not breath easily but on the plus side it did not wrinkle very much. orange trim is broad cloth -easy for bias tape and etc. designs used a black sateen and a white sateen. and of course i underestimated the time it took to apply every i thought it would have taken maybe 2 or 3 days to put everything together like my ame-comi robin costume...but instead it took about a week to put it all together o.o designs that is. plus it was double work having to finish all the edges off. bells i found at a discount store and i jingle. people were saying they could hear me before they saw me lol.

props: for the con and hopefully more for the shoot XD this one is all hand written with markers galore. ~lilaznfreak said she could smell the marker whenever i whipped it out since i ended up doing it day of the con. sword....again did it in two attempts. first one i covered a foam sword with paper mache...wasn't very happy with the thickness so i remade it using bristol board that covered a wooden dowel. even the blade i had fun painting...sprayed a little too much spray paint then had to sand it down and respray...but it worked out better in the end :D hilt made out of paper clay and the handle is EVA foam covered with duct tape. it was my first time working with paper clay soooo i wasn't too familiar on how to sculpt it, much more used to sculpey. sheath is corrugated plastic covered in vinyl. tip of the sheath is made out of paper clay as well and other details were with foam. urghhh gah yes the resin again i was having troubles with colours this year and i don't know why o.o but anyways first time they turned out a salmon pink then second time i finally got the red that i wanted. sword and all turned out much heavier than expected so it pulled my sash down when i looped it through. o.O i will have to work on that. as for the tassle, the ball is made out of styrofoam, gold details are foam and the cord i did my own knotting. so there are 24 snake knots (ehehehe for double year of the snake) and one virtue knot. tassles are attached with a double coin knot and sewn in place.

**lasin board it to come....along with more talismans**

shoes i bought and worked out perfectly. thought the colour would be too dark but in the end they matched better than the other pair of shoes i had in mind XD

total cost: ~$120
time: currently 3 weeks total....more probably with finishing off the rest of the props.


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