Zelda Twilight Princess



I had a lot of fun making this Midna. It was finally time to do a Cursed Version. I made the helmet out of 3 layers thick of fatigue floor foam, primed, painted and sealed it. Details were done in model magic, floral foam wire and details burned into it with a soldering iron. Several layers of paint was used. The base helmet pieces were cut out using the texture files from Midna and blown up until I was happy with the size, so the shape is absolutely perfect. I'm very pleased with how everything came out. My hair is a giant stuffed fleece pony tail which can detach. I made it huge to try and have my Midna more proportionate, since she's so tiny in the game. I usually have a fang in and red contacts to go with it. I dyed and painted a bodysuit, and added reflective blue tape that glows under a flash. Arm spikes were added later.


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Series Zelda Twilight Princess
Character Midna


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