Ashley Williams

Mass Effect



Very first shoot for my ME3 Ashley Williams cosplay.

I had a load of EVA foam left over after making my FemShep suit, and I thought it would be a shame to waste them. Since Si also has a Shepard, why not give him a love interest in the shape of Ash? Not to mention I love the colour of her ME3 armour, the blue is a really nice contrast to Shep. The armour is almost a carbon copy of what I'd made before, minus the collar and some detailing, so this one wasn't too difficult to knock up - after all, I already had the patterns!

Biggest different for her was the paint job, it's actually a lot more intricate than FemShep, and we got through plenty of cans of spray paint to get this one right. For the curious, the blue is the same colour as a VW Golf. Heh.


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Series Mass Effect
Character Ashley Williams


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