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Ape Escape / Saru Get You



Ape Escape was one of my favorite games growing up, even though I never actually owned it myself. So I finally bought it off ebay and played it start to finish. It was awesome! It had been a couple years since I made a new costume, so I figured why not? OhayoCon was coming up so I decided to cosplay Spike for it! I bought two t-shirts, white and red, and sewed them together. The pants were made from stretch denim fabric, the wrist cuffs from leftover stretchy fabric, and the shoes are mens work boots from WalMart with the label taken off.
The wig was made by combining two wigs together, a red one and a golden yellow one. But sadly I wasn't happy with the first wig, so I ended up replacing it with two Sora wigs from AnimeStuffStore.com. They're really awesome wigs and I LOVE how the new one looks!
The net is just a plain fishing net also from WalMart, which I'm eventually going to modify to look all gadgety like the game net.
And how could I cosplay from Ape Escape without a monkey?? The monkey plushie was made from fleece and cotton for the shorts. The helmet is a rubber funnel with the end cut off and replaced with a bicycle light. So yes, the helmet lights up and flashes like in the game! It's one of my favorite parts of the costume! <3
I think the funnest thing about this cosplay though was the reaction I got from everyone at the convention! It was so awesome! I've never been so recognized before! &gt;u< lol


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Series Ape Escape / Saru Get You
Character Spike / Kakeru


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