Ichimaru Gin




I think this is my seventh cosplay... and the first time in my life I ever applied eyeliner on myself (2011), lol.

Gin is a character I like, but I can't really put my finger on exactly what about him is so appealing... maybe it's because he's shrouded in mystery and you can't really read him or anything because of his constant smile. Eerie and suspicious characters are pretty fascinating. Oh well, whatever it is, I do like him and when I heard Sushki was selling her Gin haori I jumped at the chance and grabbed it, because earlier I had been playing around with the thought that "if I could get a haori I'll cosplay him" (too lazy to make one myself for the moment, also have much more other cosplays to do) and I got one so... here I am, Gin-ified!
Actually, I never thought I'd pull this off decently in my wildest dreams, seeing I'm horrid at smiling IRL. :D

Recycled my shihakusho again because hey, Bleach is budget cosplaying; if you have the shihakusho you can cosplay over half of the cast, lol.
The haori I bought from the member Sushki, meaning I've not made it myself. Original wig (2012) styled by Hansku; I later replaced it because it was too small for my head and fit awkwardly.
I modified Shinsō from a red oak shoto, made the tsuba myself out of thick plywood, repainted the whole thing and did tsukamaki. I finished it the night before I had to take the morning train to the city the con was to be held in...


Debuted Ichimaru at Desucon FrostBite in Lahti, Finland, 14-15 January 2012. I was Gin during the Sunday and had Ri-tan as my wonderful Izuru-fukutaichō! We walked around the con as a duo. It was great to hang around and I will certainly wear my Gin cosplay again seeing what positive reactions it got at the con. It was a blast and I must say at first it was hard to keep my eyes like Gin's even for photos, but after getting stopped for photos more often than I actually had expected I got so used to it I walked around the con with slit-eyes most of the time. lol Probably scared someone... some people asked me if it wasn't tiring and how I managed to do it for so long. It was not that hard when I got the hang of it and yeah, it's funny to silently creep behind someone and then poke them slowly with Shinsō until they turn around to see who is there... especially if it's Aizen who is eating pizza. xD


I have cosplayed Gin Ichimaru at:
2012 • Desucon FrostBite in Lahti, Finland.
2012 • Uppcon in Uppsala, Sweden.
2014 • Kitacon in Kemi, Finland.
2017 • Skecon in Skellefteå, Sweden.


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