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This was my first ever dream cosplay. It was about 3 years ago that I got my CCS artbooks and was flipping through them when I saw this outfit again. It was then, or not long after, that I decided that this was one of the costumes I wanted to do more than almost anything else.

Well, it was supposed to be done for AFO 2010 but for numerous reasons that did not happen. But finally, AT LAST, it's done!

There were a lot of road blocks that occurred during the making of this costume. More than you can probably think of, but somehow it ended up all coming together on time. <3

The costume is made out of navy blue suiting fabric, and red and white satins. Gold ribbon was used for the trim, ruffle trim was used on the cuffs and collar, and the gems are all buttons or large plastic jewels that I altered and fixed up. And the feathers I used on the hat are white ostrich feathers. The only things I did not make for this costume are the boots and the wand.

This costume really posed new challenges for me and completing everything really came down to the wire. That being said, this hobby can be really stressful for me sometimes, and I told myself numerous times during AFO that I may be done making big outfits for a while, but the wonderful feedback and kind comments I got about this cosplay have restored my interest in doing more big costumes.

The costume itself was a hassle and challenge in numerous ways, but the response I got from it really made this one of my favorite costumes to date and a dream come true. <3


@Victoria Wings
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Series Cardcaptor Sakura
Character Sakura Kinomoto
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Kat-Anko hermoso, bello LOVE SAKURA CARD CAPTOR

Tohma It looks very nicely done ^^ Mine gave me a lot of issues too and I did the simpler anime version. Maybe this costume is just doomed to be difficult LOL