Jack Skellington

The Nightmare Before Christmas



I wanted to make another creative costume! I painted all the stripes by hand ha ha :"D

I love the Nightmare Before Christmas and Jack as well!


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Series The Nightmare Before Christmas
Character Jack Skellington


Dalibar *____* Awesome!

linksliltri4ce This is probably the best 'human-form' Jack I've ever seen! Nice work!

Ali That suit looks incredible! Great job!

Hee-Hee I still just think this is SO COOL! One of my favorite interpretations of a character!

carladawn Best Jack ever!

KoiYuki Amazing. I really love it~!

sephie-monster Intensely sexy. Love seeing Jack with a hair ^^

Itsuka This is so amazing!

sdeegan You were amazing at OT2011! <3

slimyfrogz He has hair, d'aww c: The eye makeup is incredible, and those stripes must have taken forEVER! I hope you post more pictures because I'm in love with this :)