Yamamoto Takeshi


@Prince Lelouch


Another Yamamoto version! I LOVE YAMAMOTO! Is one of my favorite characters &gt;w< he's so cute....

OK xD I wore this cosplay for a little cosplay groput that my friends and I organized at TNT especial 2. I had a lot of fun that day!!!!&gt;w< I love my friends!!!!!!

Me as Yamamoto Takeshi TYL

Photos by Tankita, Ariel SHinigami and Cato Kusanagi

Cosplay partners:

Shini as Gokudera Hayato
Lenore Pendragon as Hibari Kyouya
Adry as Sawada Tsunayoshi
Angelica Verloden as Ryohei Sasagawa
Jacobowo as Mukuro Rokudo


@Prince Lelouch
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Series Reborn!
Character Yamamoto Takeshi
Variant TYL version


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