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It's not really from Dragon Age: Origins, but that's the only option in the list so far. This is Felicia Day's character from the Dragon Age: Redemption web series and Mark of the Assassin downloadable content.

Tallis is a rogue Elf assassin, hired by the Qunari.

The costume was started when the first 2 promotional pics were released, so I didn't have good references until close to the time when the costume was being finished. That said, I think it's one of the most screen accurate costumes I've ever made! (Different body shapes notwithstanding :P)

The hood is real suede, less stiff than it should have been but I'm working on a solution for that. The holes were punched by hand and lacing was cut to thread through the holes. It was lightened in the sun for several days to better match the color.

I used the same wig as I did for my Codex costume, but tried to hide the bangs as much as I could. The wig works pretty well for the hair shown in the DA:R trailer (the promo pics show Felicia with shorter, straighter hair). I added elf ears applied upside down so they had the turned back look of DA elves, but I'll be buying or making new ones soon.

The pyramids seen on the necklace, straps, back of the shoulders, and the belt were all sculpted by me. I made the 3 sizes I needed, then molded them in silicone so they could be cast in opaque resin (for every piece but the necklace, which was cast in a tinted transparent resin). The strap/shoulder ones were then painted with a stone texture paint (for the rough look seen in the closeup) and given washes and highlights for the right color, and the belt buckle was given various treatments for the smoother metallic look.

The green armor pieces and brown shoulder pieces are mostly based on foam. The bra piece is a real bra, covered in cut strips of leather then multiple coats of Plasti-dip, latex, and latex paint. The design came out a little too subtle so I highlighted all of the raised areas to get them to show up better in photos. The sides and straps are covered with the same suede as the hood, and buckles were added on the back straps. The suede closes with hand applied snaps.

The corset is made from foam mounted over a fabric corset base I made from scratch with steel and plastic boning and hammered grommets. I scored the entire piece of foam to mimic the tooled leather basketweave pattern, Qunari symbol, and the parallel lines on the back, then coated it with many layers of Plasti-dip, latex, and paint. The middle section between the bra and corset was made the same way, but attached directly to the bra so the corset was separate to allow for ease of movement. That middle section curls up a bit on the bottom due to the heat while wearing it, so I'll be reinforcing it soon.

The wrists, shoulders, and thigh pieces were heat shaped foam, "tooled" in the same way for the basketweave pattern, or with strips of leather and vinyl cut and laid for the raised designs. Same process of coating these. The backs were coated with several layers of a flexible foam-strengthening material.

Adding the straps to these pieces was by far the longest and most tedious part in the whole process (besides hand sewing the first pair of gloves I didn't use). Each strap had 3 parts to it, because the straps weren't just connected directly to the armor. They were like purse straps, where there are 3 pieces connected with metal rings. Two pieces are riveted directly to the armor piece, one on each side, looped around a metal ring (in this case it was rectangular instead of circular like on most purses, I ran out of those and ended up using D-rings for a few which was bad because not everything fit around them). Then the longest strap is looped around the rings on both ends, and since it needed to open and close for me to put it on, there was a snap on one loop of each long strap. So after I measured and cut 50 test strips, then cut the 50 leather strips, I dyed them (including the edges), then I cut 68 small squares of leather to use as reinforcement since I didn't trust the rivets not to pull through the thin foam. Then I punched holes and applied rivets or snaps in 68 places. And unfortunately, I'm going to have to redo all the snaps somehow because when they're hidden (as I believe Felicia's were) they're very hard to snap close.

The gloves were made from a faux suede, with eyelets applied so they could be laced up as seen in some of the trailer screenshots, and trimmed in the same suede as the hood. Domed spots were applied to the the trim, and those are used by cutting two slits for each spot, then bending the prongs with pliers (I didn't have a tool for hammering them, but wish I had as there were almost 100 spots used on the costume). I had actually made the gloves out of a different fabric at first and hand sewed each finger, with gusset, before I found out they needed to be fingerless gloves. The fabric I used wasn't working out anyway so I just remade the entire things into what you see here.

The belt was really fun to make. I couldn't find large enough rectangular "loops" for the straps, so I bent my own out of wire. I folded small straps of leather around these, sanded out hollows for the leather to sit into the back of the pyramid, then poured resin over it so it was all a single, solid piece. I used various pieces of leather and belts (one of which was very thick so I sanded it down with a belt sander which took forEVER), punched holes and used rivets to get all the straps as close to the original as I could. There are a lot of layers if you look closely at the front. The belts are connected in the back by vertical straps wrapped around each piece, with a large ring through them. I took apart a purse for the rings and used more scrap leather and rivets to create this. The belt closes with snaps. There's an additional, regular belt underneath the crazy belt which holds the pouch I made from garment leather. All of the leather in the crazy belt and the pouch were different colors, so I used a couple of layers of leather dye to match them to the original.

The boots were knee high boots I bought but never liked, but ended up being almost perfect for this costume as they were the right height and had almost no heel. I dyed them darker with leather dye, then cut and dyed pieces of leather to cover the top of the foot, front of the boot, strap across the ankle, and knees. The knee armor I also hand tooled, it's got the Qunari chevron-type design like you see in the Arishok's armor. The other pieces weren't tooled but had domed spots, which is where most of the 100 or so I used were applied. Then all the leather was riveted directly to the boot and faux weathering was applied with paint, along with faux armor creases (which may actually have been tooling but I didn't have a close-up image).

The suede pants were purchased from ebay, as I didn't have time or inclination to buy more suede and sew them. Felicia had spandex sewn on the inside for ease of movement, which I'm considering adding.

The main blades and the scary little talons sticking out of the bottom were made from Sintra. I beveled the edges with a tool to make them look sharp; the handles are PVC pipes with larger pipe pieces cut for the gold upper and lower rings (bolsters? quillon? tang? not sure of the term) as I couldn't find appropriate rings and didn't have time to sculpt them. I filled the pipes with latex and cotton batting to provide a base for the epoxy putty I pushed in, to close up the hole of the tube to make it look solid, and hold the blades in. I cut strips of vinyl and braided them for the handle. The blades were painted silver though the paint kept bubbling, then I coated them in clear resin for strength and to keep them more securely attached to the handles.


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tereshkova2001 This is amazing work. All of your costumes here are just spectacular. Well done!