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Twilight Sparkle is my favorite pony - everyone says I'm just like her. What I don't like is that all the fan art of "human" Twi put her in a purple sweater vest, or a schoolgirl uniform. In my eyes, she's not a nerdy schoolgirl - she's a professional scholar. So I decided to make her outfit reflect that, and dressed her like a librarian or office worker. An adult professional woman rather than a nerdy little girl.

I made a dark purple knee-length skirt and a light purple cotton jacket. (This was originally going to be a blouse, but it looked frumpy when worn closed over the skirt, so I wore it open with a hot pink tank top underneath). The cutie mark was added with fabric paint and glitter. To fill the blank spot on my chest, I made a necklace based on her cutie mark symbol from fun foam, fabric paint, Mod Podge, and more glitter.

The giant book was originally made by Tamlin for a Bleach costume. I asked to borrow it for reference to make my own, and she gave me the prop (as she retired the costume it went with). I added the unicorn and other details with gold fabric paint and gemstones I had left over from another project. The great thing about the book is that it's made of foam and has cutouts so i can carry my wallet, phone, etc. inside.

The wig is a dark purple long wig I got from Ebay. The streaks were originally clip-in bright purple and hot pink pieces. I removed the clips from the wefts and sewed the wefts into the wig in the front and the side. I also cut the bangs and bottom of the wig.

The ears and horn were made from Model Magic clay, painted with light purple acrylics, sealed with Mod Podge, and the horn sprinkled with shiny purple glitter. For version 1, these were attached to the wig with a combination of the wefted pieces' clips and ordinary sewing pins. They are rather delicate but they hold on just fine while the wig is on.

After YuleCon, one of my ferrets got into the wig box and stole/nibbled on one of the pony ears. Clearly I had to remake them. I used Model Magic once again, but this time I sealed them in resin. I sculpted the bottom of the ears along two hair barrettes, so when they were resined, sanded, and painted, I roughed up the barrettes with sandpaper and glued them down. I had to cut a few snips in the wig mesh for the clips, though.

For Twilight Sparkle's fourth convention appearance, I decided to make her Elements of Harmony "big crown thingy". I originally planned to build this on a headband, but found that I didn't need one. The crown is made from fun foam cut into shapes, with fiberglass resin on top in several layers. Sanding/cutting out the little spaces between the swirls was a nightmare, but I'm pretty happy with the overall look. If I'd had more time, I probably could have done more sanding - but the crown photographs really well. It's painted with gold spray paint, and the gems are made from fun foam, coated with Mod Podge. Although the center gemstone looks faceted, it's just a paint job. I'm especially happy with how it looks in pictures!


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