Moss Faerie




I completely designed and made this cosplay, except for the wig. It all started with the wig, then a lucky fabric find, and the cosplay was born.

I used an old wig Rel was getting rid of as the base. The fabric was a lucky find at a yard sale. It has the perfect moss type look and feel. I think it is a drapery fabric. The dress was made without any real pattern and the belt and strap were added for aesthetic purposes. I went for a more rugged look and feel since moss tends to have the same feel and it fit the concept best. Make up was designed and applied by Iroh and I.

A big thank you to Reterra who accompanied me with this cosplay it was so much fun to romp through the woods and play in the water in our cosplays. You did an amazing job with yours.


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Character Moss Faerie


gypsy_girl More pictures of this costume would be nice. It looks really interesting.

Nikineko Ooh! I like this design! It looks great!

carladawn ahhh I love this!