Lily Salvatana

Zoku Satsuriku no Django



I think this is one of my favourite and best cosplays.
It has been really hard to do, 'cause I had to sew it all by myself, and it's a sort of "no gravity" dress XD. The hat and the grey top were the hardest part to made, the top made me cry and being angry >_>.
The gun also was a disgrace, in italy they don't sell softair guns for cheap....>_>
But then after three months of researches, I found one!
The holster for Mauser has been made by my friend, Zark: Thanks a lot buddy!!! :D
I was helped in this adventure by my two other cruel women: Ren (as Black Franco) and Vale (as Miss Nobody) I love youuuuuu!!!


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Series Zoku Satsuriku no Django
Character Lily Salvatana


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