Victorian Lady




I never made a costume page for this because I didn't have really good pictures of it. But now I do.

The dress was made from ten yards of gorgeous Italian silk that my friend brought back while she was stationed in Italy with the Air Force. She was too amazing for giving me all that fabric. The black was actually left over from Yaya's (Kahlit) Sakura ball gown. There was about four yards left and she gave it to me to do with as I pleased as well, and it accented the blue perfectly.

I used the bustle pillow and Victorian corset from my Madam Red costume under this and had a petticoat in the closet that fit perfectly.

The wig was a birthday present last year from my parents. I chose it...I don't know why. But like I said in the caption of one of my photos, I think it was a subconscious love of Moulin Rouge and wanting Satine's hair. I just brushed out the curls because they were tight ringlets and I wanted it to be softer. Then I pulled part of it up in a bun and then draped some pieces.

I bought my gloves and then found a cameo brooch and ring to wear with it. The earrings were some that came with a necklace that my mom gave me for Christmas several years ago.

I feel so different from my usual self when I wear this gown. I'm a big tomboy, so wearing it makes me feel like a lady and makes me feel beautiful.


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cavtrooper63 Amamzing dress..!!

Purified Ace This is fantastic.

beelzebobbles Love the color scheme of this costume!

Nikineko I love this dress and the fabric Italian silk amazingly beautiful. You have amazing construction skills!

DemonBarberST Beautiful dress! I have always loved the Victorian style :)

MalteseLizzie It's beautiful, and purple really suits you. The draping at the back looks great, and I love the 'apron' drape at the front

everythingman Your costume is awesome and being made from Italian silk makes it even more awesome!!

Little Raven You look very beautiful! I love the colors and the design of the gown.

Narnian GORGEOUS!!!!!!! You did so incredibly well. I love the design and colors you used.

KitoCosplay Looks good!