Hetalia: Axis Powers



I bought the uniform off of a member of this site, though I plan on editing it in time (the pockets bug me).

The hat is off eBay (search German Officer Cap) and the pins are off iOffer.

The shutter shades (in some pix) are off of eBay. They glow in the dark =w=b <3

I wore this to Fanime 2011 and got really good feedback ^^ Everyone loved it and called me "The Awesome Prussia". I tooled around my Prussian flag and felt like a bamf the entire time. I couldn't get my red contacts in, though, so I wore shutter shades the entire day (lol).


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character Prussia


jeffreyrolek also, did your german cap happen to have "censor gilbird" on the eagle pin?

jeffreyrolek out of curiosity, were you at AnimeExo 2011? i believe i saw you there as prussia with the green glasses. i was cosplaying as germany with a cuckoclock that had gilbird on it.

Gothic Ninja That shutter shades (=Atzenbrille) remind me of one of your forum posts: Disco pogo is known in the USA? omg...