Fuu Hououji

Magic Knight Rayearth



so had some real fun times with this costume...and to date is one of the simplest costumes to make (well besides jing of course)

comes in two main pieces. The white dress and the green cape complete with hood. i'm really happy how they both turned out especially with the length and flowiness of it all. materials is whatever i could find that were flowy and matched with colour. the wrist sleeves and sock are made of the same green material. lovely. the material was light enough also that allowed it to fly in the wind. :D

wig: a good bonding moment with my hair dryer and hair spray. hand curled the ringlets by forming the cirlces and holding them up then spray then dry...it was very tedious.

chest piece made of foam and a resin jewel coloured with glass paint since making that colour via dyes was not a viable option. headband bought a gold thin one then attached resin jewel and babbles. upper arm band made of foam and attached to arm.

everything is now done! shoes were actually a snap to make: took white vinyl and covered those babies up good! painted the gold rim on with the exception of the resin pieces that was added and the gold design surround that is made of foam.


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Series Magic Knight Rayearth
Character Fuu Hououji


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