Ni-Chang from Forbidden Kingdom

Forbidden Kingdom



I'm no Li Bing Bing, but I had a ton of fun making this. Also known as the White Haired Witch, White Haired Assassin, White Wolf Devil Woman, The Bride with White Hair...I thought this was one of the most beautiful costumes I'd ever seen, even if the movie was really corny.

Layers! Many, many layers in this dress. The base is 11 yards of dip-dyed silk gauze. It was too sheer so I put another layer of dip-dyed rayon under it. Over that is several lace curtains dyed with a custom mix and sewn into a robe, with hand painted silver flower accents. Then a lace robe cut into a bodice and dyed silver with hand painted silver circle highlights. The monkey face breastplate was sculpted in clay, molded in plaster, and cast in latex with a hot glue backing for strength, then painted silver and aged. The black over-robe was slit up the back, trimmed with lace, and the bell sleeves added. The knit yarn on the sleeves was hand sewn over that. The floor length undersleeves were supposed to be part of the lace robe, but for ease of getting the costume on and off I made them separate.


I also styled the wig, had a matching kanzashi flower commissioned for the hair clip (I know it's Japanese, but it was too pretty not to include) and made the dart myself (I imagine an alternate universe where Ni-Chang defeated Golden Sparrow and stole the dart). The dart was sculpted in several stages, molded, cast in resin, and painted.

The whip was made by a friend of mine, Richard.

Photos by Jackie Santana Photography.


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Series Forbidden Kingdom
Character Ni-Chang from Forbidden Kingdom
Variant White Haired Demoness


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