Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories



I made this costume in an hour the day before a cosplay meet &gt; <.
I was planning to go to said meet as Deep Dive Riku but after seein the weather forecast i was not keen to have a repeat of supanova where i almost got heatstroke SO I had to come up with something fast.

I had a roll of white fabric left over from another costume, the wig is super grey but its all I had in the house that was mildly appropriate (the other blonde wigs around being my Vexen and SnJ Naruto wigs)

Anyway, the dress was made by me and like I said it took an hour and its super shoddy, i ran out of white thread so theres a black line around the top from where i hemmed it and sewed on the straps. The bottom hem was done with hot glue &gt; <.


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Series Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Character Namine


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