Leopold 'Butters' Stotch/Marjorine

South Park

@Solai Tsukada


The coat is made from blue fleece with a faux turtleneck and a zipper down the front. The pants are simple skinny jeans in a yellow-ish green with black 'stripes' to darken them. The shoes are high top converse. The wig was bought and styled with Hello Kitty Hair clips.

Marjorine was made with a homemade sweater that was made out of the same fleece as Butters' coat. The collar, bow and pocket were hand sewn on. The skirt is made from a heavy wool material and is pleated. The socks are normal white knee highs and the shoes are borrowed Mary Janes.


@Solai Tsukada
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Series South Park
Character Leopold 'Butters' Stotch/Marjorine
Variant Normal and Marjorine


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