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I love M&M's. I can eat one of those huge zipper bags of them in one sitting if I dont watch myself. I like regular, almond, pretzel, peanut, peanut butter, coconut ect.ect <3 They are my favorite candies ever.

I got this idea one day watching an M&M commercial while I was sewing and I thought, "I love Cosplay. I love M&M's. Hey!"
So I made a Mrs. Green M&M cosplay.

I used a 60's styled dress pattern since that was the year the Green M&M was added to the original colors (A little history lesson for you<3).
The green fabric was the perfect color, but the material itself was TERRIBLE. Every time I made a stitch with the sewing machine it wrinkled.

I used left over white dance fabric (from my Harvest Goddess Costume) for the gloves. I never made gloves before, so I just tried tracing my hand and using that as a pattern. And It worked. I made the "M" from the same white material.

I borrowed the white boots from my friend and I styled the wig myself. I wanted to carry a champaign glass full of M&M's and when I told my friend Morataya about it, he gave me the great idea of just using the green M&M's. So, Of course I had to go out and buy one of those Medium bags of M&M's. Oh darn.
The little red M&M tin was another prop I used, which was given to me by my mother years ago for Easter. I'm so glad I kept it =)


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18fly pretty m&m xD

Narnian I love this cosplay! It's totally full of win and originality! Wonderful job!

~H~ Awesome idea! There's something about the green ones.....^_-