My Neighbor Totoro



The body is made of hula hoops strung together with yarn, with foam around them. There are pants suspenders an the top hula hoop for me to carry him. The head is made of chicken wire, and the ears are coat hangers. I have no idea how much this thing weighs, but it gets very heavy after only a minute or two of hauling him around. I worked on it on and off for about a year, and this is pretty much my first real experience at making a cosplay that I couldn't put together with normal clothes and minimal sewing. Well, if anything, making Totoro finally taught me how to use a sewing machine. XD

The issues with this costume are that the head is too heavy for the body, so if I'm not supporting the head at all times with my arms, it will slowly sink into the body. Also one of the ears kept drooping, and one of the arms would sag if I didn't continuously support it. I would like to make the head out of a lighter material at some point, but for now I'm just glad it's done. I'm very proud of him.


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Terrie V Little Oh man, was it really hot in that costume? D: