X-men (nation-X comic cover)



My favorite x-men cartoon character ever! (At least I only saw the cartoon)
Later on I discovered the sexy - more female comic version and decided to do that version.
Especially made for our Belgian X-men group!!

- wig
- plastic sunglasses (altered)
- belt
- punk bracelet

Already have:
- Dr. Martens black boots (see Jill Valentine)
- black gloves (see Jill Valentine)
- metal, round bracelets

- top: changed the design a little bit
- shorts: based on a pattern from a magazine - design was a mix between the common comic shorts and the cartoon one
- coat: based on the Sherlock Holmes pattern (altered) and used PVC fabric for a realistic look completed with 2 zippers
- earrings: made from original hoops, altered with plastic and painted yellow
- x-men badge: currently made from yellow craft foam
- choker: has been made from metal parts, plastic (cut and painted) and ribbon
- right glove: left-over black lamé and purposely not ended the endings + a little trashed to create a more worn look like on the photo
- left glove: ex-Jill Valentine glove, removed the added black piece
- right bracelet: made from black craft foam and metal closings. One time use anyway. ;-)
- little black bag for the belt: made from left over black fabric and 2 buttons
- sunglasses were modified with carbon glue and paint.
- wig was styled based on the photo

Total cost: ~70€ (wig included)

Fabrics: half a meter hot pink jersey, 1 meter ultra-cheap jeans looking fabric, bought 4 meters yellow PVC fabric as it was the first time working with it but I have around 1,5 meters left-overs.

What will be done: inlay of the coat to make it neater (did not have enough yellow leftover or inlay fabric) plus the real worker pants she wears on the comic cover will be made as well. Later on the normal T-shirt will be made so I will have the cartoon version as well. :)

Suprisingly as it may sound working new experience was again gained: it was my first PVC clothing piece.

Total time: about 1 month
Price: TBA


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Kanna_tears You make a lovely Jubilee!