Adter re-watching Firefly for the umpteenth time and LOVING it just as much as the first, I realized that I really should make a Firefly/Serenity costume. I settled on Saffron just because she's the most suitable to my look (and easy to make!) and she kicks ass, even if she's kind of evil. Not to mention I already had the perfect amount of a suitable fabric in my stash.

I "tea dyed" the main fabric (it was white to start out with), and modified a blouse pattern (again, from my stash) which had the right neckline and sleeve style. You never really get a clear view of the apron in the show, so my best guess was to make seperate front and back pieces which wrap around and tie up at the sides. The shawl is hand-knit by my mother and was on loan for the photoshoot.


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Series Firefly
Character Saffron
Variant Our Mrs Reynolds


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