Final Fantasy VIII



Dream costume *_*

A lot of different skills went into this costume: tailoring, prop-making, wig-making, painting and makeup...

My favorite parts are the painted tights with the fake toe nails, the horns, and the gloves... RAWR! But I also loved making all those feather trims and the wings, and I'm proud of how nicely the dress fits my body (there's a corset and skin-tone fabric built into the top). Lots of creative problem-solving involved in the process!

I entered this costume in a contest that pays very close attention to craftsmanship and accuracy, so it wasn't enough to just make a 'big', impressive costume; I had to get all the details right, which made this even more of a challenge.

The costume is a nightmare to wear indoors because I'm practically blind and I can't turn around without hitting anything (how Ulty's supposed to rule the world in this outfit is beyond me...) But out on the stage, I was perfectly fine :)

Ultimecia is a character that grows on you, since she only appears as the final boss in the game and isn't given a real back story (she also appears earlier in disguise and is mentioned briefly in the dialog, but it's hard to pick up on those clues during the first playthrough.) The more I looked into it, however, the more strongly I felt about portraying her.

Cost: approx. EUR 400 / US$ 550


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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Ultimecia


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