Cosplay lost to a house fire.
I have plans to make a 2.0 version of this, redoing it.
But at this time I am unsure of when that will happen.


I had so much fun With this costume! This is my 'breaking out of my comfort zone' cosplay so to say.

My wonderful Friend Damica was going as Morrigan and a friend doing Lilith. She wanted me to be a part of the group as well. I way back when wanted to cosplay BB-Hood but, as she pointed out, the more I looked at the outfit, the more I realized that I would not be happy with it. I love BB-Hood, but her outfit is kind of plain, and I wanted something to push my cosplay experience a little bit.

She pointed out Felicia to me, and well I could not see myself showing that much skin, I did love her. Something about having a 'sexy' outfit but being Cute and Loving life, not clinging to the sex appeal. The more I looked in to her story, the more I fell in love with her.

When I looked at other fur based outfits, I realized that I did not like them for her. She is very clearly a short hair cat, not overly fluffy. An any fur that I could find, was ether way too long or when I photographed it, it just looked kind of mangy and I didn't like it. So after much looking and debating I decided that I was going to use a Polar Fleece. Its extra Fuzzy yet still short, and *to me* give that short fur feel.
I attached the outfit to myself with Lace Tape.

Since there is not too much to her outfit I tried to put in as much of the details as I could, even adding the dip to the back of her top. (but did not get a photo of it/ [/fail]) Fluff to the wrist and ankles, pink 'paws' on the hands and feet, as well as the Yellow butterfly that she sometimes gets distracted by once she wins a mach.

I used a strapless, backless bra for the base and made the shape around it.

I added foam to the end of each finger, and each nail was made out of a red polamor clay and then put a 'wet shine' pink nail polish over them to add that rock star feel to them. I couldn't pick anything up that day, but it gave the right feel to them.

The shoes were clear healed stilettos that I added foam too. I then glued on the toes *made out of foam.*
I made leg warmers so that I could take the heels off with out having to take the whole part off.

The Hardest part of this outfit was the wig.
The wig was a long blue wig that I added weffs too, with a hair bump. LOTS of Hair spray. I spent well over a week moving the hair, pining it, Spraying it, let it dry, repeat. I don't quite think I did enough

It took about an hour to get me in to it, but it was a blast, and it stayed on all day. I was a little on edge that I was going to be walking around wearing mostly nothing, but once I got it on, I was just fine. I had a blast wearing this outfit.


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