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For the 2012 Tennessee Renaissance Festival I was cast as part of the fae contingent. As all the faeries that year were asked to characters that "one would see on a nature walk.", I chose a deer. (What? I live in Tennessee? They're everywhere!)

Antlers: They're real! Given to me by a fellow cast member.

Wig: I absolutely adore this wig, made by my dear and ridiculously talented friend, Aria Darling - It's actually a combination of 4 different wigs to achieve the colours (though the darkest brown colour is my own hair that we weaved throughout). We wanted to get that 'tossed-about' natural woodland bed-head look.

Makeup: I tried going for more fashion-esque makeup rather than animalistic, as my character was a fae and not an actual animal. We used airbrush paint for the white spots and normal makeup for everything else.

Ears: Aradani's faun ears -

Dress: Handmade by the director of costuming and myself with tan textured cotton and cream cotton flannel for the 'belly'. The sides are grommeted with matching ribbon lacing.

Corset: Used same corset from my Elaine de Francias costume.

Gauntlets: Made from the same fabric as the dress with grommets for lacing.

Leggings: Cream combed cotton tights from Sock, then custom dyed with tan RIT dye to match the rest of the costume. Oh that was a baaaad experience. I think it scarred me forever of dying anything again!

Shoes: Nine West flats from a consignment store.

Wings: Made by the faerie director and myself. Bent wire into 3 separate sections (plus 'antlers'), hot glued on shimmery fabric, handpainted colour and spots on with fabric paint, wrapped exposed wire in brown floral tape.


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The Lady Nerd Why thank you! I'm glad you made it out to TNRF! :)

Anime_freak_kai Ah..I remember seeing you at the Ren Fest and I simply adored your costume! The design is so cute!