Pinkie Pie

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic



Headband - The bow on my head was originally a waist belt, but the belt stretched out too much after the first wear so I snagged the bow and put it on a headband, along with some ribbon. I made balloons from wire and model magic for her cutie mark and put them on the bow.

Wig - Bought from Ebay. It's non-heatresistant, but very soft and easy to brush, and a gorgeous mix colour. It's not as full as I'd like, but for now it's great.

Dress - Made from scratch. I wanted a very specific dress style and I couldn't find any that I liked to just buy.

Bought items - Bolero, socks, shoes, accessories. I'm happy with the 'laugh' bracelet I was able to find at dollar store. It's so fitting. :D


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Narnian Great Pinkie Pie!