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I'll be perfectly honest. I had a great deal of hesitation when I decided this costume as there are many factors working against me. For one, and most obvious; I'm blonde, fair, and freckled. Under the surface however I have both Inuit and Cherokee blood, so appearances really aren't everything. Secondly, many many people are cosplaying as Korra, so I decided my costume had to take it over the top.

I conceived the idea to make this costume as close as possible to something that might actually be worn in Korra's climate. I'm using as many natural materials as possible while keeping the costume's look ideal.

-The coat is wool, lined with suede. The collar is fox fur and the shoulder pieces are rabbit (both from antique and humane sources).

-The pants are custom dyed cotton.

-The boots are leather with shearling lining.

-The shirt is the only piece that goes off the mark, being stretch microsuede.

-The blue tabbard is wool, and brown piece is deer hide with rabbit fur trim.

I apologize if the use of leather and fur is offensive to some. I do not support the furrier industry and purchase all of my pelts second hand from reliable sources.


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LadySiha I love realistic interpretations of costumes! This is easily the most beautiful Korra cosplay I've seen, so far. Also, the fur that you used is just incredibly gorgeous! I have so much love for this costume ^-^

AngelStarAvalon I love that you took a realistic approach to this. I'm really on the fence about fur/leather. If the animal was in a humane facility and was given a bit of freedom and longerish life I'm totally okay with it but if the animal was in a cage it's whole very short life then I'm not.

TMar It looks really great! I do agree with you on the use of fur strongheartedly! I mean, these animals get raised for Christmas dinner or get shot to keep the population in check because they won't readily get eaten (lack of natural predators). I am considering making a Korra cosplay and I'll definately use fur where it's appropriate. I mean, Inuit live in the same kind of environment and they use lots of fur for good reason :) (and eat the animal while they're at it ;)) .

Narnian You did so well!

MadWithinSanity Thank you very much for the kind words! This is the most word I've ever put into a cosplay and it's certainly become a labor of love. I certainly appreciate your comments :) (You're an adorable Katara!)

voiceofwonder I LOVE your approach to this. Good luck as you continue working on it, and I can't wait to see the finished product! I also agree that appearances aren't everything, anyone should be allowed to dress up as a character they love. But really, with a costume that amazing, no one in their right mind is going to have any complaints about your hair or skin color!