Yuna Floral Fallal

Final Fantasy X-2



Floral Fallal have always been my Cosplay Dream, from the first time I saw her.
Finally, after many years, I managed to build this costume, which took me a lot of hard work.
I wanted to look as accurate as possible, making the biggest flower I could!
Though it's impossible to make an exact replica, since she's suspended in air.
There is still a bit of work to do, but for now I'm quite satisfied. Will still improve, though!

The structure weights 4 Kgs, and my poor shoulders hurt like hell after a whole day, but at least it is detachable. The gem on my chest is a real LED button (but I unfortunately broke it before the skit. Well, next time I will fix it!)

The flower is totally hand-painted with china ink and brush and the costume is completely hand-sewn.
Depending on the lightning, the fabric change color and shades.

At its debut, surprisingly, I won a Best Videogame Group Award together with our FFX/X-2 group!
I feel so happy, and I can't wait to wear it again!!!

If you would like to see the performance, here's a link:

And in this one, at the end, you can see an epic defile:


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Yuna Floral Fallal


Sasmi Wow, its so rare! >.<

MelodicMadness This is amazing... YOU are amazing!

Liliana THIS IS SO COOL!!! I can't believe my eyes! Someone cosplayed this epic dress sphere! *O* It is so beautiful! I bow down to you.

Narnian Wonderful!