Yuna [Songstress]

Final Fantasy X-2



Final Fantasy X holds a very special place in my heart for multiple reasons. Yuna's quiet strength really spoke to me and getting to cosplay her was a joy. Webyugioh made Tidus to go with me as our first couple cosplay.

-Katsuya Weller:
-Mei Chama

-Shirt was drafted and draped by me. It was made of stretch satin and was lined in itself with a zipper up the back. The ruffles were made out of a grey sheer material.

-Arm warmers were made of blue sheer and also lined in the same fabric so that there are no raw edges. The black bands were elastic. Please forgive me for forgetting the cross ribbons on the upper arms.

-The skirt was made of pleated black lace with an elastic waistband. The shorts were attached and were patterned from a pair of pants I owned.

-I was ill prior to the convention and did not have time to finish the belt. It was just a tube of fabric safety-pinned to my skirt. The sizing was based off a pre-existing belt.

-The boots were purchased. I personally am not as fond of the design for her boots and did not want to spend the time to make boot covers.

-Clip-on earring was made of a combination of glass, wood, and plastic beads, model magic, acrylic paint, copic marker, nail polish, and thread

-Hair tail was made from a fabric tube stuffed with scrap fabric. The red ribbon was hand-stitched on. The scarf at the end was gradient-dyed pink and tied with a purple cord. The hair was made of synthetic extensions.

-Necklace was made from a chain, copper wire, plastic beads, model magic, glue, silver nail polish, and a rhinestone.


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Yuna [Songstress]
Variant Songstress


arijahn Thank you so much!