Ball-Jointed Doll, Kinneth


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This was the first BJD costume that I made, based off of my own BJD (which is paired with my wife's).

My white dress shirt is made out of Egyptian linen, with black applique going around the hems of the sleeves and going up them.

My vest is made of satin, fully lined, and is black. I stitched pockets inside it, and inside one of them I have a pocket watch that my father had made for me. And it works! I also have a chain going across the back, in gold.

The pats are a pair of dress pants that I've had for the longest time.

The wig is a medium length powder yellow wig that I let hang loose, but have styled the bangs back and added some beads into it.

My wife does the face-ups for our BJDs, so she does my makeup for this BJD costume as well.


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@Fallen Sephiros
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Character Ball-Jointed Doll, Kinneth


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