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Head piece:
Built on a base of sturdy foam covered in silver duct tape. This base supports the removable plunger and kill arm (made from a gardening water wand). On top of that is a layer of Styrofoam painted blue as well as a smaller silver-painted layer. Tied on top of the Styrofoam layers with super-glued fishing line is the head itself, made of a black basket, silver-painted Styrofoam rings, blue-painted salad bowl, shot glasses and gardening water wand.

The head piece is mounted on the body with four pegs protruding from the body piece.

Base piece:
Built around a modified desk chair whose arms and back have been removed. A section of plywood is bolted to the legs of the chair with a castor wheel at the front point. PVC piping secured on the lower section of plywood supports a slightly smaller upper section of blue-painted plywood. This is topped with blue-painted Styrofoam with the four pegs that secure the head piece.

Walls are made of heavy-duty blue-painted cardboard and are attached to the PVC piping with zip ties. The front two panels open to allow entrance to the costume and are secured from the inside with two small bungee cords. Additionally, the left vertical PVC pipe in front (looking at the Dalek) is hinged at the bottom if more space is needed to allow entrance. The back wall is connected to the side walls at the corners with silver duct tape.

The “balls” on the walls are silver-painted Slurpee lids from 7-11. They are adhered with Tacky Glue. The straw opening is covered with silver-painted tape. The light blue vertical striping between “balls” is ribbon adhered with double-sided tape. The black skirt is strips of garbage bag. A Ford Mustang seatbelt attached at the underside of the chair gives the operator something to pull against.

Speakers were placed in the back corners of the piece, allowing Dalek recordings to be played via mp3.

Notes from experience:
Costume works best on hard, flat surfaces. For athletic individuals, low carpeting (such as that in the San Jose Convention Center) is manageable. Uneven surfaces up to a quarter (1/4) inch are manageable. Any higher than that and you must out and push it over the bump. Some doorframes and most gaps between elevators and floor are too much.

The wheels work best with weight on them. If the costume is being pushed rather than operated from the inside, the wheels may occasionally lock for a few seconds. This does not happen when one is inside the Dalek. A little WD40 helps this problem.

The costume is just over 33 inches in width and does not fit through a standard doorframe (this is why the piece was kept in the lobby of the Marriott during con; it didn’t fit in the hotel room). It is just under 5 feet in height.

The piece was given to Glenn Schmall of Anime 101 in Morgan Hill. Stop by the shop to say hello, and/or check them out on the web at anime-101.com.


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