One Penn Plaza




This costume is an original design inspired by a New York City skyscraper, One Penn Plaza. For years I've been doing artwork depicting skyscrapers in Avatar, or personified form, and this is my first attempt at bringing one of these concept drawings to life.

I didn't want to just throw on a pinstriped suit and call it done- in addition to the artwork, myself and a few friends have spent a long time doing writing and world-building for these skyscraper-incarnates, creating a culture and backstory for them. Therefore, it makes sense that they would develop their own clothing styles, instead of just mimicking that of their tenants. (That and just throwing on a suit is kinda boring) Hence the robes this character wears. I worked a lot of features of the building into the outfit- its silver pinstriping, the overall black and grey color scheme with red and white accents, the angular look of the whole structure, and even its destinctive "1" logo.


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Character One Penn Plaza


Angelic_Sabyne This is a really clever idea! I would never have thought to cosplay building avatars. Great work bringing this to life.