Claudia Wolf

Silent Hill 3

I'm coming out from a dream, guys!

First of all...let me tell how happy I am now that the photoshoot has been taken!
And still can't believe I succeeded in the whole thing...that's all thank to the priest that allowed the photographer and me to stay in the church and walk around for two hours!
Oh but I'm including the photographer's talent too, he's just so GREAT!
I think this is the best gallery I have here in the website and in my life...Thank you so much Fabiohazard!
The place was so incredible, every little detail was just so awesome that felt sad for leaving it once the photoshoot was finished...
Now, let's talk about my cosplay...Claudia Wolf from Silent hill 3...that bitch!!
She's so crazy and mean, but you end to like her, she's so charming too...
Being her was not so difficult, I was already blonde like her, added a long dark skirt on a black reshaped blouse(the original was an XL) that together made an entire dress.
I challenged myself walking barefoot in that cold place(I let you notice that the pictures were taken last Sunday of February the 20th)and sometimes I looked really strange in some pics ahahah.
Just a big deal were my eyebrows..I couldn't makeup them before for many reasons, so had to edit them using Photoshop :S

...what else to say..the sensation you felt there were just so incredible, so silent and solemn as in the game's imaginary of Claudia...I could only hear my steps and the clicks of the photographer's camera XD
It was all perfect...

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Series Silent Hill 3
Character Claudia Wolf

Larxenne OMG! This is really perfect!! ...

Crep666 bellina :)

RukiasTears perfect cosplay

Quina Awesome job! It was indeed worth the cold feet, these turned out lovely :)

Fainttos Wow! You really look like Claudia! Amazing! =)