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The idea to do this cosplay came all of the sudden while playing the Delta episode for the first time. I liked her character from the beginning, and her story made me weep like a little girl that I am so I simply had to make her TT_TT

Her pants were the first thing I did. They used to be full-length pants but I chopped them up and used the extra fabric for the modified parts. The red rope was made from an old long-sleeved shirt and fabric paints. (I made the button myself as well UwU made me feel like the king of the world)

The shirt is made from an old, second hand wife-beater, old bra and silicon straps, plus the old long-sleeved shirt. It was handful to make due the stretching materials.

The cape is some discount-curtain fabric plus chicken coop-net. The scales are made from camping mat covered with black fabric and fabric paints.

The socks are from white stretch-fabric and the silicone-straps from old stay-ups. The shoes were modified from an old pair of shoes, stretch fabric, old stay-up silicone-straps and lots of paint.

The anklet was fun to make C: the base was chicken coop-net, painter's tape, clay and other stuff, then paper mache, then light molding clay again and then lots and lots of paint. Details were made with dark grey marker.

I had to sew some length to the sides of the wig since the wig was surprisingly lacking some. Then I cut it and finished it with gel and hairspray.


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Character Zinnia


EmeraldAvian This costume is amazing! I love Zinnia! Grest job!

IWantToBelieve Wow, another Zinnia! Yours looks amazing. I love that she's getting more love.