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I'd been wanting to cosplay Kija for a while, but due to a lack of money I'd set it aside to do "some day"... Until I found out that a friend of mine was also interested in cosplaying Akatsuki no Yona, and also met some other cosplayers of it at Animecon. So I set out to make Kija's costume as cheaply as possible.

As fabric I used old bedsheets for the white, and scraps from previous costumes I've made for all the other parts, so I barely needed to buy anything. For the robe I altered a pattern of a dress found in an old sewing magazine, and the top and cape were made without patterns.

Progress pics of the costume can be viewed at the following posts:

For the dragon hand I made a glove with fake nails attached to it, progress pics and description of that can be found here:

In 2018 I got to do a cool shoot with a Jea-ha cosplayer, and later with the entire Happy Hungry Bunch!


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