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So I agreed to be part of a Red Lotus group before I'd even seen Season 3 for LoK and it didn't even matter. They were a great antagonist group with awesome powers and I fell in love with all of it. Now, considering I'm an airbender and I pretty much have only cosplayed airbenders in the greater Avatar series, one would assume that I would end up being Zahir in this group. But since we were missing both Zahir & P'li, I decided to do something different. It also helps that I'm a good bit taller than any of my friends. And I've been wanting to start working some crossplays into my repertoire to further improve my skils as a costumer, so it seemed perfect. Needless to say, I'm happy I did. I love how this costume turned out and while I'm kinda sad we haven't gotten the Red Lotus crew together yet, I'm super pumped to wear this again at some point.


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Series Legend of Korra
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