I love the Bioshock series! I love the first Bioshock! The image of Steinman's operating theater, with the women in white gowns pinned to the walls, left a HUGE impact on me the first time I played it. It was an image and idea I was completely disturbed by yet fascinated by (honestly, not as creepy as that sounds).
My idea was to make a splicer based around the concept of those women on the wall: beautiful but extremely broken.
I wanted as much white in the costume as possible, but certain things I had to let it go on, just because I couldn't find the right things.

Specific Commentary:

Mask/Bandage -
I wanted a bandage. I don't see many people do them and they're my favorite splicers. I thought about incorporating a kitty mask (as some splicers have bandages underneath when you knock their masks off) but if I do, it's a project for another time.
All the coloration is painted with water acrylics and the blood soak-through was done using sponges, fine brushes and lots of reds and browns.

Pearls -
At some point I decided I needed a pearl necklace. Considering cost of materials, I should've just bought one at Claire's, but I felt awful distressing something new and pretty, so I made them myself and distressed using a wet sponge, watered down acrylics and a dry sponge.

Slip -
I found this in an estate sale/consignment store place for $8! The style was close enough to 1950's and the price made it perfect (since I was destroying it).
Before I started, I took in the bust line a bit (about an inch or two) and sewed in a lining panel, since the bust part was just chiffon fabric and completely see-through...
I have cut, ripped, burned, melted, tea-stained, coffee-stained and painted it using acrylic paints. The blood splatter was done using slightly watered down acrylic paint, overloading a paint brush and flinging the paint at the dress. Super fun to do!

Underthings (Panties, Garters, Stockings)-
Since I planned a high rip up my thigh, in the slip, I knew my underthings would be visible. So I started looking very hard for period appropriate pieces, and inexpensive vintage pieces. My panties are peach because I could not find vintage or vintage-style panties in white. They were either size XXL or $80 or see-through, and none of those would work very well for me. I found a light peach pair new from a specialist shop after, about, 3 weeks of looking.
The garter belt is vintage, I got a good price price on it since the seller considered it damaged. I was just excited that I was able to find something in my waist size.
The stockings are new. I checked around for reference photos of circa 1950's stockings and decided that back seems were a requirement. I got to jump in mud puddles to distress these! I just ripped the holes using a bobby pin, and coated the runs in clear nail polish so they wouldn't keep tearing.

Shoes -
I wanted to get lucky and find a cheap pair of shoes at Goodwill or on eBay for $5-$10... I didn't, I had to get new shoes. Luckily they were only $20, but I feel guilty trashing nice new things. They have built in comfort insoles though, so that's sort of nice. I tried tea and coffee staining them, but whatever they're made of wouldn't take up the staining. As such, they are entirely painted. Layers of coloring and sponge using. I got the blood splatter by loading up a paintbrush over-full and flinging it at my shoes. Once they were done, I decided I was in love with them.

Make-Up (non-theater part)-
Most of the make-up I used is just my daily make-up. My base is just with green concealer (to cover red spots) and Bare Minerals foundation. My facial contouring was done using Mary Kay bronzer (desert sun color). My under eye (as well as the upper hollow of my cheek) is a mix of eyeshadow colors from CoverGirl and Mary Kay. All other make-up is a mix of my usual, Sephora and Mary Kay brand.
My false lashes are Koji brand DollyWink lashes (and I'm in love with them, btw). The contact is from the Korean brand Geo Lens, and is Special Lens (White). It came out much more blue that the pictures indicated, but I really like it.

Lead Pipe-
This is a PVC pipe that I epoxied together. All the little rivets are black puffy paint. It was primed black, and then I just dry brushed colors on until it looked right. The rust trails and copper patina took a little more work, but I'm pleased.
I referenced this tutorial on faux copper patina for my effects: http://www.epbot.com/2012/05/how-to-paint-faux-copper-patina.html


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