Final Fantasy IV



Cost to make: $40

The wig I bought off of eBay. I did nothing to it.

The hairpiece for in the wig is my own custom design. I took a piece of cardboard and cut it to the size desired. I shoved feathers into the edges and hot glued them in place. The yellow/blue part is made of craft foam and is hot glued to the cardboard. The jewel is also hot glued on. A coat of Mod Podge was added to seal it. I hot glued the faux flower on afterwards. I strung all the beads on and they're secured to the foam at the ends with sizable dobs of hot glue. There are two barrettes on back to secure to my head.

I made a bodysuit out of spandex custom fit to my body. There is an elastic at the top. The armbands are made of the same material. I used Jewel-It Embellishing Glue to secure the jewels on (this includes for the capes and corset too).

The corset is made of satin and is my own design. The grommets in back were hammered in by hand. The belt is one that I bought at Salvation Army with some of the fabric.

There are 10 capes of varying lengths and colours. They are all sewn together, and secure to the bodysuit using snaps.

The hip scarves are just fabric cut to what I needed and sewn edges.

Shoes were originally bright white pumps that I painted gold and added jewels to.


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Series Final Fantasy IV
Character Rydia


Celine Your Rydia is so pretty! Capes are all really neat and looks like you had a ton of fun making and wearing this :)