Marty McFly

Back To The Future



When I saw BTTF for the first time I was instantly enamored with it. Doc and Marty are literally the best, and I just love them both.

I did Marty's 1985 outfit, but I added the hoverboard since it's the most recognizable prop aside from the DeLorean. This costume is really low-maintenance to wear, which is AMAZING and something I'm just not used to. Such a welcome change!

This is heavy! Now why don't you make like a tree and get outta here?


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Series Back To The Future
Character Marty McFly
Variant 1985


shinzo I love your Marty cosplay! :D <3 I wish we had more time in Hill Valley together to make some epic pictures.. ^^ See you in the future! :D (or in the past.. ;)) Your friend in time! ^__^

Mohmoh Hooray for Marty McFly!

Celine Dang, this costume is one of the most epic things I've ever seen.