Blue Lolita




I got this dress as part of a trade/commission for a friend. It's the first actual lolita dress I own so I didn't have much to pair it with.

I first wore it to Hyper-con 2012 and while Paul and I were shooting Reuben Langdon happened to be walking by so I asked he would like to come dance with me |D I didn't expect him to say yes but he did and I was so excited!! So Paul snapped several shots of us being silly and after his panel I got to talk with him for a bit before I had to leave. I was also too shy to ask for a hug OTL so my friend carried me over their shoulder back to him and asked for me, I was so embarrassed u//v//u Definitely a good experience.


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Series fashion
Character Blue Lolita
Variant Heart-E


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