Lara Croft

Tomb Raider Reborn



So after realizing Lara was going to get her new game I was pretty apprehensive about cosplaying her,but soon after playing the new game and beating it,I fell in love with the entire game ! This is my homage as a fan since the look alike era <3

I bought my tops and pants at a thrift store along my boots,all of them were about 25-30$ in all

Gun belt was hand made by me using old fabric from a back pack I no longer needed,regular belt is one of my Lightning belts for the skirt lol,standard belt

Props ,such as the makeshift bow was made using Sara Crofts tutorial on the LaraCroftCosplay website :) ,as the gun and the shotgun ! <3 ,it consisted of heavy weathering and aging

The axe,the ice axe was made by Jenn Croft and Shona in the form of a kit,Kristen painted and weathered it,and in fantastic spirit gave me the opportunity to purchase this from her,this ran me about 100$ or so

The costume weathering was done by me,using acrylics and some much needed razoring and mud ! Lets not forget the vampire blood XD !

The body make up,all done by me,using references taken from the XNA Lara model,it took me about 1:30-2:00 hrs ,I used blood paste,fake blood,skin bronzer,mascara and liquid eyeliner !

Bandages and hand wraps were a mixture of gauze pads,a glove cut up and acrylics and blood :)

I also wore contact lenses and my hair extensions in the exact same color as my hair,both dyed to match Lara's <3


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Character Lara Croft


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