Final Fantasy X



Lulu was the first costume I saw that opened the world of Cosplay to me so many years ago. Final Fantasy X was also my first JRPG and with the upcoming HD re-release of the game I thought it was time to take a crack at one of my dream cosplays.

I literally had no idea where to start with Lulu so I acquired a simple Renissance dress pattern and started modding it. Got a great deal on the lace for the dress as well that I couldn't pass up. Corset is fully lined and boned with spring steel boning (cause the plastic stuff is icky) and I strung/crafted the jewelry together.

Belt Skirt: I'm taking a new approach for the belt skirt. Super concerned about the weight, I decided to make my own belts out of fun foam attached to a black cloth then sewn directly onto the front of the dress. Still doing some experimenting but I'm liking the results so far.


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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Lulu


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