Felicia is such a cute character! I've been wanting to cosplay as her for some time now and finally got around to doing it. I worked on and off for a year, but it only took around a month of hard work in total. One of the reasons I wanted to make it was to challenge myself with a little different costume. I'm specially proud of the enormous blue wig and my foot paws!

A description on how I made it will be shared on my Patreon page.

I've worn this to Expocomic 2011 in Madrid on Friday and Sunday, also took part in the contest! This costume was nothing but well received, I got loads of photos taken and met many happy fans of Darkstalkers! I also found a photographer who wanted to do a professional photoshoot with me!

Here are videos of my walk-on performance:

I was also featured in:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwfQ48JcbYk (Thanks Koibito!)

Thank you so much everyone for the comments, I really appreciate that you took your time just to make me a bit happier!


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devil-sunday Wow this is perfect! looks awesome :)

inu.matto I love when people make such long writeups about their costume construction :] great work with the costume, you look gorgeous ^___^

Joshlovescheese purrty kitty

Hoihoi-san Wow! Super cute costume!

Thearah This looks so amazing!

cereza Such a beautiful Felicia !

KitoCosplay (SQUEEE!!!!!) Favorited

RydiaValentine Cuteee! OMG and with a Patapon xD.

sephygoth You found a LOT of stuff that worked perfect, I'm not done praising you! The fur is still so shiny, you can see the line of sheen on the legs and arms. FIXED tail placement is a good idea, Felicia needs to have a tail that doesn't drop. Good call. ok, watched the video, audience is TOO quiet, too silent...that makes no sense. You knew how to pose. Congrats on the good debut, I never get a chance to sign in, it was a treat to see this finished up!

Granosx Excellent cosplay, Felicia is indeed a cute character, and you helped show it! Good job on the cosplay and looking good in it too!

skulldouggary You make such a good Felicia! The work you put into it shows.

Seority What a great costume. You've put so much work into this and I think it's simply beautiful! You made the wig look spot on, bravo!